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Data & Software

Below are specific data repositories, software packages, and dashboards we have developed.

Additional data and code for replication of our studies can be found here, here, and here.

The global landscape of susceptibility to orthopoxviruses
Juliana Taube, Eva Rest, Shweta Bansal
Spatiotemporal trends in self-reported mask-wearing behavior in the United States
Juliana Taube, Zack Susswein, Shweta Bansal
Disentangling the rhythms of human activity in the built environment for airborne transmission risk
Zack Susswein, Eva Rest, Shweta Bansal
COVID-19 Vaccination Tracking
Andrew Tiu, Alexes Merritt, Shweta Bansal
Estimating vaccine stockpiles to mitigate the next pandemic.
Andrew Tiu, Romain Garnier, Shweta Bansal
School vaccination exemption data for the US
Casey Zipfel, Romain Garnier, Madeline Kuney, Shweta Bansal
Animal Social Networks Repository (ASNR)
Pratha Sah, Melissa Collier, Shweta Bansal
Inferring contact networks for infectious disease spread
Pratha Sah, Shweta Bansal
Seasonal influenza severity index
Elizabeth Lee, Shweta Bansal
Modular Random Graph Generator
Pratha Sah, Shweta Bansal
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